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Gulf Summit & Susquehanna Valley Railroad

The Gulf Summit & Susquehanna Valley Railroad was our first N scale layout as well as being our very first layout. The track plan comes from a book published by Atlas and represents some prototypical scenes in North-East Pennsylvania, including the famous Starucca Viaduct, still the largest stone bridge in the world.

Here is the model of the Starrucca Viaduct. The D&H doubletracked under one of the east arches but that didn't work in the model so we have two tracks under two separate arches.

There is no crane and dock on a siding. After all, the creek that flows under the viaduct is pretty small. But it looked good on the model!

On the left is the real thing with a D&H loco easing through the turnout. On the right, we have a photo which must be from 1976 because of the locomotives that are painted in Bicentennial colors. The EL locos on the viaduct are SD-45s #3632 and #3638. The D&H Bicentennial is U23B unit #1776

And here is a photo of the real thing that I took in May, 2007.

I've read that this is the oldest railway bridge in use in the U.S. Although it dates to 1848, I suspect somebody will find some small bridge that is older that still has a railroad using it. Nevertheless, this has been in continuous usage for more than 160 years. It still is the largest stone bridge in the world. And is pretty impressive in person.

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Last updated: 02/19/2009