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 Engine Service Facility
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Roundhouse Construction
Allied Rail Rebuilders Construction
Machine Shop Construction
Car Shop Construction
Sanding & Fueling Facility
Back Shop Construction

Engine Service Facility

This is the start of creating the engine service facility. First, I filled all of the holes and marks with WS foam putty.

Then I retraced the track plan that had been originally transferred to the foam when I originally started to lay the first track.

Next, I painted the area in a dark gray that I had color matched at Home Depot with the WS fine cinders ballast that I will be using for this area.

Since the track plan had been marked with a black permanent marker, it will show through the paint after the paint dries.

I've now put all of the building footprints in place, plus the turnouts to make sure that everything looks like it might work. Only one thing came up which was the 3rd PlanIt library for crossings has the crossing as 6 3/8" in length when it was actually 4 3/8". No worry as I just added 1" sectional track to each leg (except one where it was joined to a 1" piece so I replaced both by a 2" piece).

Press the image to see an annotated version. The buildings identified there are described below.

Buildings of the Facility

Walther's Allied Rail Rebuilders (933-3211). This will provide heavy machining and will be situated north of the roundhouse and west of the body shops. I will be serviced by the RIP track.


Walther's Car Shop (933-3228). This will service freight cars, passenger cars and cabooses.


Walther's Back Shop (933-3227). This will service locomotives, performing some heavy work.

Scheduled completion Spring 2010

Walther's 3-Bay Roundhouse (933-3260). This will provide a working environment for locomotives, including steam, such as the Erie Heavy Mikado #3200.


Walther's 130' turntable (933-2613) provides access to the roundhouse and machine shop and allows for locomotives to be turned. This turntable is fully motorized and indexed. Some people have updated this to be ran by a locomotive DCC decoder, using the function outputs. I tried this but undid the work because the voltage of my Super Chief is not high enough on the N scale setting.
Walther's Roundhouse Add-On Stalls (933-3261) provides a 3-Bay add-on to the roundhouse, making 6-bays in total.


Walther's Machine Shop (933-3264) provides further heavy support for the back shop in the repair of locomotives.


Heljan Diesel Fueling & Sanding Facility (322-609) provides fuel and sand for diesel locomotives as they leave the facility.



The bridge has been placed in the pit. A PA-1 is drifting onto it.

The turntable is an indexed model. That means that you mark (or program into the controller) each track around the pit. Then the controller knows where it should go. Pressing a button on the controller advances the bridge to the next track - perfectly each time.

The detail on the bridge can be seen here. The bridge track is likely code 70, but has nice, small ties which decreases the perceived size. My code 55 Atlas track (under the PA-1) is shimmed up with 0.015" clear styrene to make a perfectly smooth transition.
Here is the controller. Pressing either button in the middle of the arrows causes the turntable to move in that direction to the next indexed mark. Pretty slick!
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Last updated: 02/19/2009